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24-hour Emergency Response Service
Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency call outs.
Blocked drains, burst water pipes and hot water heaters that are flooding your home are never convenient. Rubber Duck Plumbing will respond with the equipment and experience to get the job done and the mess cleaned up.

Drain Cleaning
Licensed Drainers.
We clear blocked drains using an electric eel.
Having the backup services of high-pressure water jet drain cleaning equipment and CCTV cameras to inspect your drains means that we can diagnose the cause of the problem. We have extensive experience in replacing collapsed sewer and storm water pipes.

Expert Plumbing
Licensed Plumbers.
We have 22 years experience as plumbers doing construction, maintenance and emergency plumbing repairs. From changing a washer to renovating your home we have the knowledge to get your work done quickly, safely and cleanly.

Gas Fitting
Licensed Gas fitters.
We can repair your gas pipes or extend your existing service.
We install new gas pipes and appliances. We pipe size all our installations and upgrades so you get the right amount of gas when you need it.

Strata and Property Maintenance
We do maintenance work for some of the largest property and strata mangers in the Eastern suburbs. We understand how to get the job done efficiently and liase sensitively with tenants and property owners and managers.

Rain Water Harvesting
We have a strong interest in water conservation and rainwater harvesting, so we keep up to date with the regulations and products available.
Working with New Water we can install the Rain Reviva soft sac water storage system under your house or deck. The Rain Reviva system comes complete with a pump to supply water to your house or garden
We can also install traditional water tanks.
We vector proof your rain harvesting system to keep out mossies and keep your rainwater clean.

Grey Water
Working with New Water we will soon be able to supply you with a fully approved grey water system so that the water going down your drain can be used again.

Now we have harvested your precious water we can install an irrigation system that wont waste a drop and is not affected by water restrictions. We can install electronic timers to save your water, garden and time.

joomla template by Joomlashack
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